Double Chance Prediction

Explore Double Chance prediction at SureBetPredict, this forecasting option covers two possible match outcomes. There are 3 options under double chance option, they are namely 1X which mean home to win or draw the match, X2 which means away team to win or draw the match and 12 which means any team to win. These options, will greatly increase your prediction accuracy of football matches.

02-03-2024 | Double Chance Prediction

15:00 ENG. PL Newcastle vs Wolverhampton 1X
15:00 ENG. PL Nottm Forest vs Liverpool X2
17:30 GER. B1 Wolfsburg vs VfB Stuttgart 12
17:00 ITL. SA Monza vs Roma 12
12:30 ENG. C Huddersfield vs Leeds X2
15:00 ENG. C Preston vs Hull X2

28-02-2024 | Double Chance Prediction

23:00 IT. SA Inter Milan vs Atalanta 1X
19:30 ENG. FAC Chelsea vs Leeds 1X
20:00 ENG. FAC Liverpool vs Southampton 12
19:45 SCOT. P Celtic FC vs Dundee FC 1X
19:45 SCOT. P Kilmarnock FC vs Rangers FC X2
00:23 BRAZ. CDB Marcilio Dias FC vs Vasco da Gama FC X2


01:30 BRA. C1 CR Flamengo vs Boavista SC 1X
04:05 MX A Correcaminos UAT vs CA Monarcas Morelia 1X
04:00 MX L Club Necaxa vs CD Guadalajara 1X
04:00 C. RICA PD Alajuelense vs Pérez Zeledón 1X
04:00 MX L Club Necaxa vs CD Guadalajara 12
02:00 MXL Puebla FC vs CF Pachuca 12


21:00 ENG. PL Man City VS Chelsea 1X
21:00 ENG. PL Tottenham VS Wolverhampton X2
20:45 ENG. PL Burnley VS Arsenal 12
20:45 ENG. PL Newcastle VS Bournemouth 1X
01:30 IT. S A Atalanta VS Sassuolo 1X
23:00 FRA. L1 Nantes VS PSG 12


21:00 UEFA CL PSG VS Real Sociedad 1X
21:00 UEFA CL Lazio VS Bayern Munich 12
20:45 ENG. C Huddersfield VS Sunderland 12
20:45 SCOT. P Rangers VS Ross County 1X
01:30 ARG. CDLLP Godoy Cruz VS Union Santa Fe 1X
23:00 BRAZ. CG Ypiranga VS Gremio 12

Double Chance Meaning

What is Double Chance Market? Double Chance is a versatile prediction option in football that enables sports person to cover two out of three possible match outcomes within a single wager. Unlike the traditional 1X2 option, which offers three potential results (home win, draw, away win), Double Chance provides a broader coverage, thereby increasing the likelihood of accurate prediction.

What is Double Chance Prediction

Double Chance allows you to predict two outcomes simultaneously, reducing the risk associated with prediction just one outcome. It’s a strategic choice for those seeking a more conservative approach to prediction while maintaining the excitement of football wagering.

Here’s how it relates to other forecasting options:

  1. Full-Time Result (1X2): The Full-Time Result market offers three options: Home Win (1), Draw (X), or Away Win (2). Double Chance covers two of these outcomes in a prediction, typically combining Home Win/Draw, Away Win/Draw, or Home Win/Away Win.
  2. Both Teams to Score (BTTS): BTTS also called GG by some focuses solely on whether both teams will score at least one goal each, irrespective of the final outcome. Double Chance considers the match’s final result but covers two out of the three possible outcomes.
  3. Over/Under Goals Markets: Over/Under predicts the total number of goals in a match (e.g our over 1.5 prediction, over 2.5 goals prediction). Double Chance doesn’t consider the number of goals but offers a broader perspective on the match outcome.

Double Chance is a popular choice for sports person looking to minimize risk by covering more than one potential outcome, making it appealing for matches where the result might be uncertain or closely contested.

Breakdown of 1X, X2, and 12 Double Chance Prediction

Understanding the different Double Chance options is crucial for making informed prediction:

  • 1X (Home Win or Draw): This option indicates that the home team wins or the match ends in a draw. The prediction become inaccurate if the away team wins the match.

  • X2 (Away Win or Draw): prediction a X2 means you are forecasting that the away team wins the match or draws. The predictions is false and  inaccurate if the home team emerges victorious.

  • 12 (Home Win or Away Win): This option covers a win if either the home team or the away team emerges victorious. The only scenario resulting in an inaccurate prediction is a draw.

These Double Chance options provide varying degrees of safety and odds, allowing sports person to tailor their wagers based on their risk tolerance and match analysis.


Advantages of Double Chance Prediction

  1. Increased Probability of Winning: Double Chance prediction significantly boosts your chances of winning by covering two out of three possible match outcomes. Unlike the traditional 1X2 market, where a single outcome determines the prediction’s success, Double Chance allows you to win if two potential results occur. This expanded coverage offers a higher accuracy in predicting a match outcome, adding a layer of security to your wagering strategy.
  2. Risk Mitigation: One of the standout advantages of Double Chance prediction lies in its ability to mitigate risks compared to standard 1X2 predictions. By covering two out of three potential outcomes, it inherently reduces the level of risk associated with your wager. In scenarios where you’re uncertain about a team’s outright win or the possibility of a draw, Double Chance provides a safety net. Even if one specific outcome doesn’t occur, you still have another possibility to better predict match outcomes, offering a level of assurance not found in traditional prediction options.
  3. Versatility: Double Chance prediction offers remarkable flexibility, allowing you to align your predictions to specific match circumstances. Whether you’re analyzing a highly competitive fixture between evenly matched teams or considering the unpredictability of certain matchups, Double Chance adapts to various scenarios. It empowers you to make strategic decisions based on team form, head-to-head records, home or away performances, or other factors influencing match dynamics. This adaptability makes Double Chance a valuable tool in your forecasting arsenal, enabling you to navigate the complexities of football prediction more effectively.



How are Double Chance odds calculated?

Double Chance odds are calculated based on the implied probability of the two outcomes covered in the predictions. Since Double Chance increases the likelihood of winning by covering more than one result, the odds offered for this market are usually lower compared to the traditional 1X2 odds.

1. When is Double Chance prediction more advantageous than other markets? Double Chance prediction becomes advantageous when you’re uncertain about the outright winner or when the match is expected to be closely contested. It’s particularly useful in scenarios where you seek a higher level of security, providing a buffer against unexpected outcomes.

2. How does Double Chance mitigate risks compared to traditional 1X2 prediction? Double Chance mitigates risks by you to be able to cover multiple outcomes within a single wager. While a standard 1X2 optiom only accounts for one potential outcome, Double Chance offers increased coverage, ensuring accuracy in your predictions as long as two of the three possible outcomes occur.

3. Can Double Chance prediction be used strategically in specific match scenarios? Absolutely. Double Chance forecasting option offers versatility, allowing strategic prediction based on match circumstances. They are beneficial in situations where the odds are in favor of one team but a draw or an unexpected outcome remains a possibility. Double Chance enables sports person to adapt their strategies based on team form, match dynamics, or other influencing factors.


At SureBetPredict (Sure Bet Predict), we’ve unveiled the remarkable advantages of Double Chance option, offering you a pathway to a more secure and engaging prediction experience in football.

By exploring the Double Chance market, you’ve discovered a versatile option that significantly amplifies your chances of success. This innovative approach covers multiple outcomes of a football match, enhancing the probability of securing an accurate prediction. It provides a safety net, allowing you to navigate uncertainties and unexpected outcomes with more confidence compared to traditional 1X2 option.

Join Sure Bet Predict in leveraging the power of Double Chance option. Explore this versatile market, expand your prediction possibilities, and elevate your wagering strategy to new heights. Trust in our insights as you embark on a journey towards more engaging and successful football forecasting experiences.

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