Over 1.5 Prediction For Today

Over 1.5 predictions are a popular choice among sports person for several reasons. They offer a balanced approach, allowing for excitement without the extreme risk associated with higher goal thresholds, checkout todays predictions below

05-03-2024 | Expert Over 1.5 Prediction Today

12:00 ENG. U18 PDL Barnsley U18 Academy vs Cardiff City U18 Academy Over 1.5
14:30 OMA. PL Sur SC FC vs Dhofar SCSC FC Over 1.5
15:00 ENG. PDL Sheffield United U21 FC vs Birmingham City U21 FC Over 1.5
17:00 POR. LR U23 SL Benfica U23 vs Gil Vicente FC U23 Over 1.5
16:45 SAUD. FD Al Arabi Club  FC vs Al Najma Club FC Over 1.5
20:30 ENG. CLNL1 Tow Law Town FC vs Guisborough Town Over 1.5

02-03-2024 | Expert Over 1.5 Prediction Today

1$:00 SCOT. FL Alness United FC vs Orkney FC Over 1.5
13:00 ENG. U18 PDL Charlton Athletic U18 vs AFC Bournemouth U18 Over 1.5
12:00 ALB. WNC FC Kinostudio Women vs KS Lushnja Women Over 1.5
12:00 ENG. YA Forest Green Rovers U18 vs Cambridge United U18 Over 1.5
12:45 NETH. U21 D4 HHC Hardenberg U21 vs MVV U21 Over 1.5

27-02-2024 | Expert Over 1.5 Prediction Today

14:00 ENG. U18 PDL Colchester United U18 vs Charlton Athletic U18 Over 1.5
20:45 ENG. SLD1C Hertford Town vs Kings Langley Over 1.5
20:45 ENG. ILD1N Ipswich Wanderers vs Lowestoft Town Over 1.5
21:00 SCOT. H/L FL Brechin City vs Banks O’ Dee Over 1.5
15:00 ENG. CLCCP N Milton United vs Chalfont St Peter Over 1.5

23-02-2024 | Over 1.5 GOALS

12:00 POR. U19 L Sporting Braga U19 vs Benfica U19 Over 1.5
10:15 ISR. LBNB Hapoel Sandala Gilboa vs Maccabi Neve Sha’anan Eldad FC Over 1.5
12:15 BAN. FPL Bashundhara Kings vs Sheikh Russel Over 1.5
09:45 AUST. A L Brisbane Roar vs Western United Over 1.5


21:00 ECL Q. Eintracht Frankfurt VS Royale Union SG Over 1.5
21:00 UEL Sparta Prague FC VS Galatasaray FC Over 1.5
17:45 KUW. Al Arabi FC VS Kazma SC FC Over 1.5
18:45 ECL Q. Bodo/Glimt FC VS Ajax FC Over 1.5
15:00 SVN Celje FC VS Rogaska FC Over 1.5

21-02-2024 | Expert Over 1.5 Prediction

21:00 SCOT. H/L FL Buckie Thistle FC vs Fraserburgh FC Over 1.5
07:30 ENG. CLCCPN Burnham FC vs Chalfont St Peter AFC Over 1.5
19:45 ENG. WNLD1SW Selsey Women FC vs Moneyfields FC Women Over 1.5
20:45 SCOT. FL Montrose Roselea FC vs Lochee United FC Over 1.5
20:00 ENG. U18 PL Manchester City U18 vs Newcastle United U18 Over 1.5
13:00 HK SC North District FC vs Kitchee SC Over 1.5


14:00 ENG. PD Wigan Athletic U21 vs Coventry City U21 Over 1.5
15:00 ENG. PL2D1 Stoke City U21 vs Brighton U21 Over 1.5
09:05 KUW. D1 Burgan vs Al Sahel Over 1.5
20:00 ENG. PL2D1 Manchester United U21 vs Manchester City U21 Over 1.5
20:00 ENG. PL2D1 U23 Leicester City U21 vs Crystal Palace U21 Over 1.5
20:45 N.IR. PDL Ballymena United FC Under 20 vs Newry City U20 Over 1.5
22:00 COL. CPA Boyacá Chicó vs Alianza Petrolera Over 1.5


10:00 TUR. U19 EA Kasımpaşa Spor Kulübü U19 vs Osmanlıspor U19 Over 1.5 CANCLED
12:00 ENG. YA Port Vale U18 vs Stockport County FC U18 Over 1.5
09:45 CAMB. L VCambodia Tiger FC vs Kirivong Sok Sen Chey Over 1.5
08:00 HK. PL Wofoo Tai Po FC vs North District FC Over 1.5
15:30 SCOT. FL Broxburn Athletic vs Musselburgh Athletic Over 1.5
15:30 SCOT. FL Dunbar United vs Inverkeithing Hillfield Over 1.5
15:30 SCOT. FL Crossgates Primrose vs Tynecastle Over 1.5


13:30 FRA. CDFF Football Club Fleury 91 W vs Lille OSC Metropole W Over 1.5
21:00 UEFA CL SS Lazio vs FC Bayern München Over 1.5
20:45 SCO. P Rangers VS Ross County Over 1.5
10:00 IND. L Namdhari FC vs NEROCA FC Over 1.5
00:00 BRA. CP Coritiba VS Maringa Over 1.5


15:25 UAE. AGL Al Ittihad Kalba vs Al Khaleej Over 1.5
14:25 UAE. AGL Al Wahda FC Abu Dhabi vs Al Sharjah SCC Over 1.5
14:00 ENG. YA Oldham Athletic U18 vs Preston North End U18 Over 1.5
14:00 ENG. PDL Ipswich Town U21 vs Charlton Athletic U21 Over 1.5
12:00 ENG. YA Huddersfield Town FC U18 vs Rotherham United U18 Over 1.5

Over 1.5 Meaning

Over 1.5 in sports prediction refers to a type of wager where you predict that in a given match, there will be more than 1.5 goals scored. This means at least two goals need to be scored in the game for the prediction to be true. If the match ends with two or more goals, regardless of which team scores, the Over 1.5 prediction is successful.


What Are Over 1.5 Predictions?

Over 1.5 predictions in sports prediction refer to forecasts made on whether a particular football/soccer match will have more than 1.5 goals scored in total. This type of prediction indicates that at least two goals need to be scored during the match for the prediction to be true. It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals; as long as the final goal tally exceeds two, the Over 1.5 prediction is accurate.


Understanding the Challenge

While Over 1.5 Goals might seem straightforward, predicting the goal count accurately poses its challenges. Even games involving prolific scorers can sometimes end with fewer goals, making it a thrilling but uncertain option.

Strategies for Successful Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

  1. Team Analysis: We delve into team statistics, analyzing their average goals scored and conceded per game, guiding you towards matches likely to yield at least two goals.
  2. Form Evaluation: Current team form is pivotal. Teams on attacking sprees or defensively struggling can significantly influence Over 1.5 Goals outcomes.
  3. Head-to-Head Records: Historical data between competing teams aids in predicting high-scoring matches, offering insights into potential goal counts.
  4. Forecast Wisely: Considering the odds is crucial. Accumulating games for Over 1.5 predictions might be necessary due to relatively lower odds for this prediction option.

Why Over 1.5 Goals?

Over 1.5 Goals predictions are a popular choice among sports person for several reasons. They offer a balanced approach, allowing for excitement without the extreme risk associated with higher goal thresholds. With our expert analysis, you can confidently explore this market and increase your chances of accurately predicting a match outcome.

How to Use SureBetPredict for Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

  1. Browse Our Predictions: Explore our accurate Over 1.5 Goals predictions for upcoming matches. Our intuitive layout allows you to quickly find the information you need.
  2. Read Match Previews: Dive into detailed match previews to understand the context surrounding each fixture. Our previews offer valuable insights into team strategies, recent form, and potential goal-scoring scenarios.
  3. Make Informed Decisions: Armed with our analyses, make informed prediction decisions that align with your strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned sports person or a novice, our predictions cater to all levels of expertise.
  4. Enjoy the Game: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrill of high-scoring matches. With SureBetPredict, you’re not just prediction matches; you’re engaging in an exciting and rewarding soccer experience.

Why Chose Our Over 1.5 Predictions

  1. Accurate Analysis: Our team of experienced analysts utilizes advanced statistical models, team performance metrics, and historical data to deliver accurate Over 1.5 Goals predictions. We leave no stone unturned in providing you with well-informed insights.
  2. Comprehensive Match Previews: Access comprehensive match previews that delve into team dynamics, player form, head-to-head statistics, and other relevant factors influencing goal-scoring possibilities. Stay ahead of the game with our detailed analyses.
  3. Regular Updates: Stay in the loop with regular updates on upcoming matches, ensuring you have the latest information before making your predictions. Our commitment to keeping you informed enhances your decision-making process.
  4. Risk Management Tips: We understand the importance of responsible sports prediction. That’s why we provide insightful tips on managing your risks effectively, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable sports forecasts.
  5. Research Teams: Delve into the performance of teams known for their proactive, attack-minded approach. Teams with a history of consistent goal-scoring tendencies tend to offer more reliable prospects for achieving over 1.5 goals. Analyzing their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses can significantly bolster your predictive accuracy.
  6. Check Head-to-Head Records: Examining the historical data and past encounters between teams unveils crucial insights into their goal-scoring trends. Patterns often emerge from their previous clashes, shedding light on the likelihood of high-scoring affairs or defensive showdowns. Understanding these dynamics better informs your predictions.
  7. Assess Odds Strategically: While favorable odds are enticing, extreme values either too low or too high often pose risks. Opt for games with moderately favorable odds, maintaining a cautious stance on those with disproportionately low returns. Striking a balance between value and risk is key to successful over 1.5 predictions.
  8. Stay Informed with Comprehensive Data: Beyond statistical analysis, staying updated with the latest team news, including player injuries, suspensions, or tactical decisions, plays a pivotal role in your predictions. These elements can significantly sway a match’s goal-scoring expectations. Integrating this real-time information refines the accuracy of your forecasts.

These factors, among numerous others, form the bedrock of our methodology when predicting over 1.5 goals. Each game involves a meticulous examination encompassing multiple variables, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach to offer the most accurate predictions.


At SureBetPredict, our commitment is to provide you with reliable insights and strategies for accurate prediction. Over 1.5 predictions offer a thrilling and potentially rewarding prediction option when approached strategically.

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