Recognizing Excellence: FIFA Unveils 2023 Best Women’s Player Finalists


The world of women’s football is aglow with talent and dedication, and FIFA’s recent announcement of the finalists for the Best Women’s Player in 2023 only solidifies this fact. Let’s delve into the remarkable players who’ve earned their spot among the finest in the sport.

The Finalists

Aitana Bonmatí: Hailing from Barcelona and a key player in Spain’s victorious Women’s World Cup campaign, Bonmatí’s stellar performances have earned her not only recognition as the best player in the World Cup but also multiple titles including the Champions League Feminina, La Liga Feminina, and Supercopa da Espanha Feminina. Her October Ballon d’Or win further cements her as a frontrunner for the FIFA Best Women’s Player award.

Jenni Hermoso: Another standout from Spain’s championship-winning team, Hermoso’s contributions as an attacker for Pachuca have been instrumental. Her skill and impact on the field have made her a significant contender for the coveted title.

Linda Caicedo: Representing Colombia and playing for Real Madrid, Caicedo’s prowess as an attacker has earned her a spot among these elite finalists. Her performances have caught the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide.

Road to Recognition

The evaluation period for these awards spanned from August 1, 2022, to August 20, 2023, coinciding with the Women’s World Cup, which culminated in Spain’s triumph. This period witnessed unparalleled displays of skill, determination, and sportsmanship from players across the globe.

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The Awaited Ceremony

The anticipation mounts as the announcement of the winner approaches, with a ceremony scheduled in London on January 15, 2024. Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the crowning of the Best Women’s Player for 2023.

The caliber of talent showcased by Aitana Bonmatí, Jenni Hermoso, and Linda Caicedo reflects the incredible growth and strength of women’s football. Regardless of who claims the prestigious title, these players stand as role models and inspirations for aspiring athletes worldwide.

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