Vasco’s Transfer Window and Quest for Talent and Contract Extensions


As Vasco prepares for the upcoming season, the football fraternity is abuzz with anticipation about the club’s transfer strategies and the retention of key players. The club’s moves in the transfer market and discussions around contract extensions have garnered significant attention, offering a glimpse into the ambitions and future direction of the team.

Strategic Moves and Ambitions

Following a season that culminated in securing their place in the league, Vasco is gearing up for a proactive transfer window. The recent demission of director Paulo Bracks marked the beginning of a new chapter, leading to speculations about the club’s ambitions. The hiring of Alexandre Mattos and discussions around retaining Ramón Díaz underline the club’s intent to solidify its foundation for the upcoming challenges.

Among the pivotal discussions revolve around Ramón Díaz’s potential contract extension until the end of 2025. The negotiations, which could include a revised salary package, stand as a testament to the club’s faith in the Argentine coach and his vision for the team.

Additionally, the spotlight remains on the potential signings and efforts to retain existing talents. Notably, Praxedes’ desire to continue at Vasco has fueled negotiations with Bragantino for his permanent acquisition. Ramón Díaz’s inclination toward Praxedes and the player’s impressive performance during the past season highlight his significance in the team’s future plans.

Former Players’ Return and Ongoing Negotiations

While discussions about potential repatriations of former Vasco players like Souza, Allan, Coutinho, and Fernando have surfaced, negotiations are yet to take concrete shape. Souza’s proximity to Vasco, utilizing the club’s facilities for recovery, hints at a potential reunion. However, other negotiations with Allan, Coutinho, and Fernando have encountered hurdles due to contractual obligations and financial considerations.

Alexandre Mattos’ Role in Shaping Vasco’s Future

As Alexandre Mattos takes the reins in the club’s transfer dealings, his influence in orchestrating negotiations and navigating potential acquisitions becomes pivotal. His interactions with the 777 and discussions with Ramón Díaz signify a meticulous planning phase for Vasco’s future.


Amidst ongoing negotiations, discussions, and strategic planning, Vasco’s transfer window portrays a club keen on solidifying its squad while eyeing strategic reinforcements. The quest for talent, contract extensions, and potential signings reflects the club’s determination to carve a successful path in the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for further updates on Vasco’s transfer activities and the club’s endeavors to reinforce its roster for a promising campaign ahead.

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