Cryptocurrency Controversy: The Legal Battle Between Scarpa and Bigode


Football, often revered for its on-field drama, occasionally spills into the legal arena with stories that could rival any thrilling match. In the latest twist of off-field intrigue, two former teammates from Palmeiras, Gustavo Scarpa and Willian Bigode, find themselves embroiled in a cryptocurrency controversy that reads like a plot from a football-centric thriller.

The Backstory

Let’s rewind to the days when Scarpa and Bigode were donning the green of Palmeiras. Little did they know that a financial venture would sow the seeds of discord, leading to a legal battle worth millions. Scarpa, a midfield maestro known for his precision on the pitch, and Bigode, a charismatic forward with a penchant for the spectacular, were united by more than just their footballing exploits.

Enter the world of cryptocurrency, where high stakes and unpredictability aren’t confined to the football field. Scarpa and Bigode, lured by promises of substantial returns, ventured into a cryptocurrency investment facilitated by Xland Holding Ltda. The allure of 3.5% to 5% monthly returns seemed too tempting to resist.

As the investment unfolded, the dreams of lucrative returns transformed into a legal quagmire. Scarpa and Mayke, another ex-teammate, discovered that the Xland Holding Ltda might not be the financial haven they envisioned. The promised wealth in alexandrita stones and real estate turned out to be more illusion than reality.

Bigode’s Double-Edged Sword

Bigode, the man at the center of the storm, found himself caught between the legal crossfire. Claiming victimhood to the tune of R$ 17.5 million, he faced accusations from Scarpa and Mayke, who sought to recover their R$ 10.4 million losses. The courtroom became the new battleground where once teammates now stood as adversaries.

In a candid interview during his Santos unveiling, Bigode addressed the controversy with a mix of regret and resilience. The emotional toll evident, he expressed a desire to focus on football while awaiting justice. The saga took a personal turn, revealing the human side of athletes grappling with financial pitfalls.

The Legal Chess Match

Legal proceedings ensued, with Scarpa’s lawyers attempting to garnish 30% of Bigode’s salary to recoup the losses. However, success eluded them, leaving the legal chess match unresolved. The courtroom drama now plays out parallel to the action on the pitch.


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As the legal battle rages on, football fans are left to ponder the complexities that exist beyond the beautiful game. Scarpa and Bigode, once allies on the field, now find themselves entangled in a dispute that transcends sport. The cryptocurrency controversy adds a layer of drama, reminding us that in football, as in life, the final whistle doesn’t always signal the end of the story. The courtroom becomes the new arena, and the verdict is yet to be delivered. Stay tuned for updates, as the cryptocurrency saga takes center stage alongside the drama on the pitch.

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